Concrete Borders


[column width=”1/3″ place=”first” ] [headline htype=”h4″]Why Concrete Landscape Borders?[/headline]

Your Landscaping looks good all year long with concrete borders. Our concrete curbing has several features, advantages and benefits that you should consider. Read about all of the features and benefits you will receive when choosing concrete borders.

[/column] [column width=”1/3″ place=”none” ] [headline htype=”h4″] Features [/headline] [list type=check_list]

  • A continuous concrete root barrier keeps lawns in check.
  • Maintenance is simple.
  •  Lawn mower wheels fit easily on the leading edge.
  • Beautifies your yard placing a picture-perfect frame around your flowerbeds.
  • Design flexibility allows for straight lines, curves, turns and contours.

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[column width=”1/3″ place=”last” ] [headline htype=”h4″]Benefits[/headline][list type=check_list]

  • Fast, clean and efficient installation without the problems associated with costly form work.
  • Less expensive. Higher quality.
  • Landscape curbing is priced by the lineal foot.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • When you compare concrete curbing to any other border you will see the value immediately.[/list]


[headline htype=”h4″ margin=”low-margin”] More Reasons to Choose Concrete Landscape Borders [/headline]

[column width=”1/2″ place=”first” ] [feature color=”blue” title=”Durability” icon=”ico-umbrella”]Concrete is durable.  Unlike most edging products, it won’t rot, shatter, splinter, etc.  Perfect for the Oregon rain! Please compare how much more you will get for your hard earned money by using our product.

[/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/2″ place=”last” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”Our Difference” icon=”ico-thumbs-up”]Willamette Curbing also uses add mixes to enhance our products strength and look. We also use a cure and seal product on EVERY job without any hidden costs to you. We encourage you to shop and compare.[/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/2″ place=”first” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”Save Time” icon=”ico-clock”]Save hours on edging, trimming and weeding time. Clean up is easy with an edger or trimmer without damaging the edging.

[/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/2″ place=”last” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”Customization” icon=”ico-spade”]We can color and/or stamp your curbing as well. Please see sample photo section for some ideas.

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